Managed Services

Global SMB IT Services and Managed Services Landscape and Outlook

Growth in managed services spending is being fueled by SMBs' need to enhance their IT infrastructure while keeping costs low, and aided by service providers whose offerings leverage new tools and technologies. AMI's managed services practice helps vendors understand the size of the opportunity, key adoption drivers and inhibitors, and ways to improve channel strategy and management.

AMI's IT Services and Managed Services practice provides a worldwide SMB market perspective on the SMB demand for IT on-premise services and managed services:

  • IT and IaaS/Managed Services Market Size/TAM
  • IT and IaaS/Managed Services Demand Appetite, Key Drivers, Market Evolution Impact
  • ICT Solutions and their Strategic Importance to Business
  • IT and IaaS/Managed Services Adoption, Usage
  • Buying Behavior, Purchase Preferences, Purchase Channels, and Service and Support
  • Service Provider Landscape

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the level of current and planned adoption of different types of on-premise IT services and managed services among SMBs?
  • What are the key drivers and inhibitors of adoption? For those who do not use/do not plan to use, why not?
  • How many channel partners currently offer or plan to offer such services? What are their business models and key challenges they face in growing their on-premise and managed services business?
  • What are the key characteristics of SMBs using/likely to use these services and how can service providers reach them?

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