Managed vs Unmanaged IT

Global Managed vs. Unmanaged: SB Market Segmentation

Small Business (SB, firms with 1-99 employees) manage their IT infrastructure in a variety of ways depending on the size and type of firm, as well as the utility and complexity of their system. The Global SB Managed vs. Unmanaged practice segments the SB market into 4 distinct groups based on how a business maintains the IT they use. This analysis compares and contrasts the various segments for a variety of factors, including purchase behavior, attitudes, business pain points, IT hardware, software and services adoption and usage, workforce mobility and associated technologies including cloud solutions. Leading areas of opportunity and the implications for IT vendors, service providers and marketers are highlighted by individual segments.

AMI's Small Business Managed vs. Unmanaged market segmentation and growth opportunity assessment provides deep insight into how SBs purchase and maintain their IT infrastructure:

SB Managed vs. Unmanaged Worldwide Snapshot

  • Segment breakout by Managed vs. Unmanaged
  • Segment share of total spending and key addressable opportunities
  • ICT spending: migration to cloud accelerating

Regional Drill Down - Formally Managed vs. Unmanaged

  • Regional SB breakout - formally managed vs. unmanaged
  • Market sizing, economic outlook
  • Firmographics, buying behavior and key drivers
  • Technology penetration/adoption, usage behavior
  • Migration to cloud services - adoption/interest
  • Channels/route-to-markets
  • Regional spending drill down

Key Questions Answered

  • How does IT management structure differ among SBs? What proportion of the SB universe is accounted for by each management type and what proportion of spending is accounted for by each segment? Is the IT management structure influenced by the company size or industry?
  • How does technology adoption and usage differ between Formally Managed firms as compared to Unmanaged firms? Where are the pockets of highest growth opportunitites? What IT soloutions ae considered "strategic" by Formally Managed firms as compared to Unmanaged firms?
  • What is the total SB market opportunity within each segment for hosted/cloud-based products and services and how fast is this growing? How does cloud adoption differ across segments?
  • How can vendors and service providers determine the "high value" segment for their ICT solutions? How do they reach key business decision makers within these SBs?
  • Do mtechnology solution purchasing channels differ across segments? What are the regional and segment specific nuances?

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