SMB Hoster Playbook - United States

Access to enterprise-grade applications, burgeoning usage of mobile devices, and the need for scalability and cost savings have all underscored the benefits of using the cloud for U.S. SMBs. As they alter the way they use IT, SMBs are also changing the way they purchase IT. Hosters are quickly becoming the route to market of choice when it comes to cloud solutions. AMI's U.S. SMB Hosters Playbook study provides a comprehensive understanding of the segmented U.S. SMB cloud market, purchase behaviors, solutions usage/interest, and what are the most effective bundling opportunities for hosters looking to sell solutions to SMBs.

For over 20 years, AMI has tracked the SMB channel partners with annual end-user surveys in order to provide the most complete view of the channel partner ecosystem.

As Cloud vendors continue to set their sights downstream at 6+ million U.S. SMBs, there remain significant challenges in effectively reaching this market. Hosters are well positioned to address these challenges by leveraging their SMB customer bases and foundation of relevant, online solutions. Their success will largely hinge on their ability to identify and engage high-value SMB segments, and implement effective downstream sales and marketing strategies. This report provides an assessment of the Cloud opportunity for Hosters and a playbook for targeting SMBs.

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the total SMB market opportunity for cloud-based solutions and how fast is it growing?
  • Which cloud solutions are experiencing the greatest growth? What is driving solution adoption?
  • What is driving security solution adoption?
  • How much are SMBs spending on infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, remotely managed IT services and unified communications in the Cloud?
  • Where do SMBs buy these solutions?
  • What are the SMB landscapes, firmographics and attitudes toward cloud purchases?
  • What are the bundling opportunities for hosters looking to sell packaged solutions to SMBs?

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SMB Cloud Playbook - Opportunities & Actionable GTM

Although SMBs continue to face challenges a more positive economic outlook is now enabling them to increase ICT investments and in rapidly escalating numbers they are turning to cloud solutions. Driven by the need for simple solutions SMBs increasingly prefer to acquire cloud services as part of an "optimal bundle". While price is a consideration it is more important that solutions align closely to business needs and provide purchasing, billing and service/support convenience. This study provides a framework for architeching optimal cloud-based services offerings to meet this demand. SMBs' need for specific cloud applications and services are synthesized into pre-packaged "bundles" or offers. The study also covers the cloud market opportunity, usage related trends, decision making aspects and routes to market for cloud services.

SMB Cloud Playbook - Opportunities & Actionable GTM Insights.

  • Drivers, Spending and Business Issues
  • IT Decision Making/Drivers
  • Strategic IT Mindset
  • Migration to Cloud
  • Assessment of Optimal Cloud Bundles
  • Channels/Routes to Market

Key Questions Answered

  • What is the total SMB market opportunity for hosted/cloud-based products and services by employee size segment? What is the  forecast for various types of cloud solutions, e.g. SaaS, IaaS, etc?  
  • Which hosted solutions among which employee size firms are experienceing the greatest growth?
  • How interested are different types of SMBs in various solution portfolios? How does interest differ among business applications and hosted infrastructure across employee size segments? 
  • What is the demand for single vs. multiple (bundled) cloud services? How can vendors determine "optimal" bundles for SMBs?
  • How can vendors and service providers find the "high-value" targets for their ICT solutions?  
  • What is the potential revenue impact of various bundles?
  • How are channel partners transforming themselves to meet SMB demand for cloud solutions?

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